Share and Help Stop COVID-19

As an owner, operator, or manager of a restaurant, you have so many things to keep up with.  Keeping your employees and guests safe from the Coronavirus is just one more important task that has landed “on your plate.”

coronavirus control restaurants

The VG4000 houses a whopping 4 ion generating cold plasma tubes delivering the highest ion densities available.

Masks and social distancing are good ideas but they can only take safety so far and then they fall short because of human compliance or non-compliance.

Feel safe eating inside again.

Aircode’s VirusGuard technology uses cold plasma tubes to generate billions of bipolar ions per second. These ions super-saturate the air of any interior space and reach density levels unmatched by any other ion generating systems. The ions are constantly in the air waiting like sentinels to do what ions do, they attach to any airborne viruses and destroy them.

The Coronavirus is mostly transmitted as an airborne molecule. No human compliance is necessary for our system to protect the occupants of your restaurant.