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An Air Purifier Company Different From the Rest – Aircode

Aircode is an air purifier company that is dedicated to utilizing the latest ion-producing technology to sanitize your home, commercial building, or industrial plant. Our revolutionary air purifier eliminates unpleasant odors and more than 99 percent of harmful particles such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust, mold spores, and more.

Our products work by producing billions of charged superoxide ions and dispersing them through your HVAC system’s ductwork and interior spaces. These ions then become continuously saturated in the interior airspace causing potentially dangerous particles to bond together, increasing their molecular weight and forcing them to fall to the floor where they can be easily removed during routine cleaning.

Bipolar ions protect the air that we breathe.

What makes our product different from other air purifiers like HEPA filters and UV light systems is our active ionization technology. HEPA filters and UV light systems are passive products, meaning they need pollutants and other unwanted particles to circulate through your breathing zone before they pass through a filtration system. Our air purifier silently produces superoxide ions that actively seek out and eliminate pollutants on the spot.

Our product is also a more effective solution than stand-alone purifiers because it produces and evenly distributes far more ions and can clean the indoor air of an entire building.

Call or e-mail Aircode today for more information about our air purifier. We have units ready to ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.