Using Science to Neutralize Airborne Viruses

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Destroy Viruses and Pathogens Floating in The Air and on Surfaces With Aircode

Bipolar ion production means CONTINUOUS air disinfection where no human compliance is required to be effective.

The coronavirus seems to have caught us all by surprise. We watched on television as the drama unfolded in Wuhan, China where it seemed too far away to affect us here in the United States. In just a few months, what would now be known as COVID-19 was here and spreading within our own communities.

Although COVID-19 was new, the ways in which we can destroy the virus are not and are proven to be effective against all coronaviruses. Simple items like alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and soap, and water. These are simple and effective ways to attack the vulnerable lipid-based envelope of the virus and render it ineffective in spreading the infection.

Come Back Safely With Aircode Bipolar Ion Technology

Bipolar ion generators can be integrated into HVAC systems and open interior spaces. This technology utilizes specialized tubes (cold plasma) that take oxygen molecules from the air and convert them into charged atoms that then cluster around microparticles, surrounding and deactivating harmful substances like airborne mold, bacteria, allergens, and you guessed it, viruses.

These charged atoms also attach to aerosolized breath droplets from sneezing or coughing and also dust particles that can transport viruses. This process leaves them enlarged where they are more easily caught in filters. Bipolar ions are a part of an active process that provides continuous disinfection.

While chemicals and the surfactants in soap are effective, they require humans to do the work, staying diligent mopping, spraying, wiping, scrubbing, and washing. With ion generating technology the air is filled with trillions of unseen ions that are positively and negatively charged. They are suspended in the air and like sentinels and wait for an oppositely charged molecule to attract to and destroy.

At Aircode, our mission is to introduce our ion generators into all places where people go inside and actively or passively interact with one another. Protecting occupants with bipolar ions is the only way to ensure that virus transmission can be achieved without relying on human compliance. The ions simply do what ions do and just like bleach or alcohol, there is no debate about whether or not the ions are effective, the science goes back for decades and is proven time and time again.


Bipolar ions CONTINUOUSLY saturate protected interior airspaces and neutralize the aerosolized virus molecules at the point of introduction.

Air ionization (electrically charged air molecules) is a safe and proven technology that uses airborne bipolar ions to neutralize air particles like, viruses, dust, germs, microbes, pollen, and odors from the air. Bipolar ionized air is actually similar to the air that we breathe when we are outside. This is one of the reasons outdoor activity is considered to be a safe place and time to remove a filtration mask.

Air ionization technology works through the reaction of negatively and positively charged ions. These ions attach to airborne pathogens, such as viruses causing a chemical reaction on the cell membrane’s surface and it is this that causes the virus to be deactivated and rendered harmless, no longer able to spread or cause infection.

It is widely known been that bipolar air ionization:

Destroys viruses and bacteria in the air
Reduces viruses and bacterium on surfaces
Reduces VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in the air

Bipolar ionization which generates negative and positive ions simultaneously could profoundly improve and protect schools, hospitals, airports, restaurants, churches, cruise ships, and air quality in commercial and industrial buildings from virus transmission.

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Aircode’s Virus Guard deploys a patented and proprietary method of ion generation and distribution that ensures maximum ion density and equilibrium throughout interior airspace. Aircode’s Virus Guard technology emits bipolar ions in a way that is similar to that in outdoor air.

Some “ionizers” create only negative ions or even potentially large and unhealthy amounts of ozone. Although negative ions have been shown to have positive health benefits when generated without a precise proportion, they are are not in a natural state.

Aircode’s  Virus Guard air purifying system works as an allergy air cleaner, odor air cleaner, virus and bacteria sanitizer, smoke remediation device, dust controller, and more. But how does it produce all of these benefits? It does so by utilizing the latest state-of-the-art, ion-producing technology.

Unlike passive purification systems like HEPA filters and UV light systems that require harmful particles to pass through stationary systems, Aircode’s air cleaner actively generates billions of charged superoxide ions and disperses them immediatley into the occupied spaces where they seek out to neutralize and bond with viruses.  Once the bond is complete, the increased molecular weight causes the virus molecule to fall safely to the floor where they can be easily cleaned up during routine maintenance. This type of solution is environmentally safe, cost-effective, simple to use, and proven effective.